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Dance Academy is a dance school that caters for students aged 2 to young adults. We aim to offer students the opportunity to develop an appreciation of dance as a form of art and education with a primary focus of having FUN. We specialize in Classical Ballet, Modern, Highland, tap lyrical, contemporary, musical theater and Jazz. 


Dance Academy 34 prides itself on providing the very best in dance training to our students , with a goal to ensure every child is nurtured and challenged to meet their full potential. We strive to provide our students the best of opportunities, creating a supportive environment for young people grow as dancers and use these skills and experiences to mature into compassionate and successful young adults.

Our students have gone on to study at establishments such as Brent Street, the Victorian College of Arts, Ev & Bow, Sydney dance Company, Ballet Theatre Australia and more.


Whether you are looking for a dance school to give your child the best start to a career in dance, or simply a supportive and nurturing environment to foster your child's learning, then Dance Academy 34 can cater to your child's needs.

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